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Project Innovation

We help organizations that support Medtech innovation.

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One of the only resources who supports Medtech innovation throughout the entire company lifecycle. From idea generation to exit.


You can count on Project Innovation to serve your organization's stakeholders. Whether you're organization that needs additional help evaluating your opportunities, want to set up your own innovation center, or want to outsource your entire innovation process, we're here to help.


Pick one or select all of the services that we offer. There are multiple ways to accelerate your innovation and learn about innovation outside of your organization.

Assess Readiness

Develop a clear understanding of the current state and gaps to fill in designing or elevating the program.

Elaborate a Plan

Flesh out details of program components and develop a detailed implementation plan.

Fill the Funnel

Conduct activities to get creative juices flowing, catalog unmet needs, and capture opportunities.

Distill a Strategy

Crystalize answers to high-level questions that will help define a direction and scope for the program.

Lay the Foundation

Build or refresh foundational policy and procedural elements of your program.

Evaluate Opportunities

Nimbly assess incoming opportunities to inform resourcing decisions.

Elaborate a Plan

Flesh out details of program components and develop a detailed implementation plan.

Infuse the Culture

Roll out communications and other cultural offerings to shape mindsets, motivate engagement, and build skills.

Take Action

Drive or nurture active matters to the next milestone or decision point on the path toward fruition.


No matter what your needs are, we can help and support you to achieve your goals.

Just Getting Started?

We can assess your readiness, help plan a modern and sustainable innovation strategy, and fill gaps in operations as you get it off the ground.

Need Help Getting There?

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Want Us To Run It?

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Let us help your Medtech Innovation achieve greater outcomes.

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