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Aaron TenHuisen

COO & Co-Founder

Through obtaining his degree in Engineering and Master of Business Administration, Aaron uses this powerful combination to successfully grow organizations. He understands the “problem” or “opportunity” to devise a solution. He partners with companies to identify the optimal solution which best fits the needs of their business. His experience ranges from start-up to Fortune 100 companies.

As a Partner at Project Medtech, Aaron focuses on providing Fractional COO, Project Management, and Product Management support services to enable Medtech and Tech companies to grow. He has in-depth experience with unparalleled results in developing and implementing end-to-end supply chain, launching products globally, as well as managing Tech portfolios >$250M. These experiences enable companies to focus on their passions.

With having worked for a start-up, Aaron understands the intricacies of building and managing a business. Through decomposition and setting milestones that align with company goals, he helps companies see the forest for the trees.

Aaron TenHuisen

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