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Duane Mancini

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Duane has extensive experience in go-to-market strategy including regulatory & reimbursement, biocompatibility, pre-clinical efficacy testing, and clinical trial design & execution. As a result of Duane’s unique background, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of what early-stage start-ups need to do in order to be successful.

With all of the complexities of running a Medtech company and taking a product to the market, Duane partners with start-ups to develop strategies and milestones. He evaluates how their early decisions in various aspects of the company may impact other aspects in the future. He supports in creating the blue print to build and grow companies.

As a chemist by training, Duane enjoys the innovative science that goes into every company. He is proud to be a “nerd” of the Medtech industry. This is demonstrated by hosting the podcast called “Project Medtech.” Here is where he and the guests share stories, advice, pitfalls, trends, and innovations in Medtech space.

Duane Mancini

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