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Julie Rennecker

Consultant, Operations Group

Julie has extensive experience coaching early-stage startup founders on the journey from product development to fundraising to team leadership, including customer discovery, pitch deck preparation, stakeholder and milestone mapping, building the “starter team,” and then keeping the team aligned and moving forward.


Drawing on her experiences in nursing (ER, ICU, and Psych), product usability testing, and deep customer discovery, Julie works with founders to ensure good product-market fit and a strong value proposition that resonates with both customers and investors. She then works closely with technical and clinical founders to build a milestone map for getting their product to market – and the leadership skills needed to see the plan through.   


Julie’s professional journey from clinical nursing to social scientist to entrepreneur to startup coach allows her to bring a pragmatic mix of clinical, academic, and business experience to bear on commercialization and leadership issues. She geeks out on the science behind each innovation and thrives on helping founders bring their vision to life.

Julie Rennecker

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