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Michael Kaliszewski

Consultant, Commercial Group

Mike, or more formally known as "Kal," started his career in enterprise information technology consulting supporting clients in manufacturing, pharmaceutical benefit management, and life sciences. To fulfill his life-long appreciation of entrepreneurship, Kal transitioned from the Fortune 100 space to working with medical device start-ups in the heart of early-stage medtech development, Medical Alley.

Kal's expertise in systems and the medical device industry was requested to help a true-cloud organization scale their medtech business, where he still works today advising global strategics on digital transformational efforts across the product development life cycle.

Kal's focus on a simple, value-based approach in creating the strategy to support the larger vision. By creating a well-thought, purposeful framework, businesses are able to move quickly and identify areas of opportunity to scale. This is critical to the success of any organization. With this approach, Kal supports Project Medtech clients to streamline the business development process for founders looking to move from concept to commercialization, leveraging resources purposefully and effectively.

Michael Kaliszewski

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