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Rich Mazzola

CFO & Co-Founder

Having worked in finance and operations for accelerated growth start-ups, Rich understands the diverse goals and objectives needed to help his clients build, scale, develop and eventually exit their businesses.  As CFO at Project Medtech, Rich focuses on providing the start-up finance consulting support needed to achieve success in these emerging markets.

Rich has worked extensively with clients ranging from pre-revenue start-ups to multinational organizations with over $1.5 billion in annual sales in various verticals to assist in strategic pivots during periods of accelerated growth and investment. Rich has developed expertise in the technology, life sciences, SaaS, e-commerce, professional services, and Medtech industries. 

Rich graduated from John Carroll University with a bachelor's in accounting. With his experience working with/in CPA firms and Startups, he understands the intrinsic value in a business and assists clients in maximizing their exit. By providing finance, start-up and business advisory services, Rich can remove the barriers most founders face from product launch to exit.

Rich Mazzola

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